If your loved one decides to stop getting treatment

There are times when you and your loved one will not agree on decisions that are made. One of those times may be when your loved one decides that treatment aimed at fighting the cancer is no longer worth the physical and emotional cost. You may feel that your loved one is giving up and that can be extremely upsetting.

It is important that you give each other the right to feel the way you do. You can try to understand that your loved one is tired of getting treatment and feeling sick without seeing any clear benefits. You also may feel sad and upset that your loved one has decided not to seek further treatment — letting the disease run its course. This is not the outcome either of you wanted. You are both upset.

Even though you may not agree with your loved one’s decision to end cancer-fighting treatments, it would be sad if you let your disagreement interfere with the loving, supportive relationship you have shared. Once you stop and think about it, you may decide to let go of your dream of having more time with your loved one and focus on the quality of time that you have left. This is probably in the best interest of both of you. You might even have a discussion together where you “agree to disagree” but can still be loving and caring toward each other in your relationship.